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About Trendy Tingz Couture

Trendy Tingz Couture was founded in the year of 2018, August 17th to be exact. My love for fashion inspired me to become my own boss. Though I was not aware of nearly half of the things it took to start a business, I am grateful for how far I have come and even more excited to experience what God has in store for Trendy Tingz Couture! Some may ask, “Where did the inspiration for your business name originate from?” While in highschool, one of my many nicknames was “Trendsetter B” because I was known to be an influencer throughout my academics, extracurriculars, literally anything my name was attached to. I decided, “Hmm…. I could provide women with the trendiest fashion including shoes, jewelry, accessories, eyelashes, one stop shop vibez!” My inspiration behind the word “Tingz” emerged from Nicki Minajs’ new hit titled “Barbie Tingz”. Couture just gives me BADDIE and queen vibes, so this was the perfect finish. I have faced many hardships throughout my entrepreneurship journey; but in all I was forced to grow and persevere.There have been times where I‘ve had to hang on to inventory longer than expected and it has bruised my motivation, but I always remember my why. Becoming a business owner has become part of my lifestyle.

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